Humphrey Ebowemen

Director (FDAP)


Touchzlife is the best solution to reach young people with effective fact-based drug education before they start experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Tween, teens, and young adults who know the facts about drugs are much less likely to start using them.

· The 2018 report spoke to 130,000 people across 44 countries and spoke to 1300 people in Scotland, up from 700 the year above.

· 61% of the respondents reported ever using cocaine.

· 51% having used in the last year. This compares to 25% and 17% globally. The report is based on global drugs survey which looks internationally at how recreational drugs are used and emergent identities trends that authorities and policymakers should be aware of.

The survey is conducted in partnership with global media and harm reduction partners, including Scottish drugs forum.

The dark web continues to become an increasingly common source of illicit drugs.

· Results from people in Scotland show that 4.3% have purchased drugs through the dark web, however traditional sources still the most common.

· 47.3% of people in Scotland have purchased from dealers, 25.5% from friends, and 17.6% through friends of friends (Scottish Drug Forums).

People in Scotland are over twice as likely to seek emergency treatment for substance use-related emergencies than the global and English average. Drawing on the government report, research, and official studies the Foundation for Drug-Free

World and TouchzLlife decided to partner together to create awareness of the truth about drugs and alcohol.


Touchzlife is an innovative organisation designed to tackle the issues of Alcohol and other Drugs and its devastating impact on young people and their families. We aim to help young people face the challenges of their identity background and day to day activities which will reflect on their impact on taking substances.

The best solution is to reach young people with effective, fact-based drug education-before they start on drugs. Tweens, teens and young adults who know the facts about drugs are much less likely to start using them.

Drawing on government reports and official studies the Foundation for a Drug-Free World’s research-based educative materials are specifically for young people by reaching the world through voluntary organisations like

Through we in Scotland can communicate the truth about drugs swiftly and effectively. It provides lessons, assignments and classroom activities that elicit student participation, students willingly read, view and most importantly use these tools to make the right choices about drug use.

Our Aim

. Identify the problem causing substance abuse

. Education and training schools 

. Solve the problem of substance misuse

• Work with young people and their families

• Assuring and reinforcing them back in society

Our Objectives

. We want to help people with a wide range of Alcohol and other drug issues.

. To Create awareness with different Drugs users.

. To introduce Alcohol and other Drugs to reach young people with effective

  fact-based drug education before they are experimenting with drugs.

. Create awareness with different Drugs users.

How to go about this

  • Through documentary DVD
  • The truth about Drugs DVD and videos


Through the Truth about Drugs documentary video which helps to show educational films that cover each other’s most commonly abused substances. It shows you first-hand information of former drug users who themselves survived the nightmare of addiction, included in the video is the untruthful public service announcements (PSA) on how casual drug use does not lead to lasting drug ruin.

Each one of the booklets focuses on one of the most commonly abused drugs exposing the myths by giving the truth about the short-term and long-term effects of the drugs.

 How We Help People Progress

  • By establishing strong working relationships with Service Users
  • Delivering assertive outreach in a variety of community settings
  • Carrying out assessments, identification  of priorities and on-going need
  • Carrying out assessments in a police custody setting.
  • Carrying out risk assessments and employing proper management techniques
  • Developing initial Recovery Plan with the service user, setting short term goals about ‘Recovery beyond treatment’
  • Providing information and advice, including harm minimisation, as appropriate
  • Facilitating needle exchange Make appropriate referrals to structured treatment for service users identified as both requiring and ready for such interventions.
  • Responding to need as it arises and managing lapses/relapses
  • Working closely with other services that might be utilised in supporting the individual
  • Facilitating group work sessions with service users
  • Refer clients to other agencies to meet needs identified beyond the scope of the service
  • Promote Mutual Aid and Peer Support
  • Effectively managing the individuals’ transition from the service in a manner that supports their long terms recovery including a move on to education, training and employment
  • Prison visits
  • Promote and ensure the smooth transition of clients entering and leaving custody into the community, including prescribing appointments are arranged etc
  • Maintain a specific prison link database
  • Increase referrals from CJS background into service
  • Manage the IOM scheme on behalf of Open Access service


Humphrey Ebowemen

Director (FDAP)

Mercy McDonald

Secretary and Volunteer.

Dr Gbenga Ishola

Trustee and Volunteer.

Olaniyi Awolola Missions

Treasurer and coordinator

Support our mission

Touchzlife support Teens, Youth and Adult that are involved in Alcohol and other drugs by referring and sign posting them to where they will get help, we also support staffs of various specialist practitioners who help patients recover from alcohol and substance misuse along their way to the recovery journey. Our responsibilities include patient evaluation, enlightenment, education, training, assessment, preparation and therapy in their transition to a better life.

Our day to day duties include.

  1. Help the clients to access the education and training on the truth about drugs and the danger associated with it.
  2. Providing a safe space for them to talk and share experiences.
  3. Visiting client in their homes to assist them with day to daycare when needed and providing drop-in centre, where information to help clients from experimenting with drugs is been given


Many people are afraid when it comes to issues relating to alcohol and substance misuse, it all about people needing help and educating them on the danger in drug-taking and finding their way back on track and its best practice when you catch them young from primary and secondary before they start experimenting with it.

Any donation will be welcome because we are voluntary organisation and we need support which will go a long way to help our services, the most breakthrough comes from the clients because they would actually understand the rid- iciness of what we do.


Touchzlife is a voluntary organisation that depends on funding from the government and other generous organisations that appreciate the work we are doing in the community the help is mainly from The Truth about Drugs (drug free world) in the USA they have been involved in the supply of the tool kits, Leaflets, T-shirts, hats and other accessories, your individual contributions and donations will be of great help to Touchzlife

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